About Us

Since 1946, livestock producers across the Midwest have relied on the STOCKADE® name for consistent quality at competitive prices. The extensive STOCKADE® line of beef, dairy, equine, sheep, goat, and specialty products all reflect STOCKADE® Brands' commitment to quality and steadfast dedication to established nutritional principles.

STOCKADE® offers livestock supplements for a variety of applications including protein, mineral, fly control, grass tetany, bloat prevention and other medicated applications. STOCKADE® supplements also come in a variety of forms including loose mineral, pressed bock, poured block and low moisture block.

STOCKADE® Brands are manufactured by Ridley Block Operations, a division of Ridley USA Inc.

Corporate Headquarters

Ridley Block Operations
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: (507) 388-9489
Fax: (507) 388-9559

Pittsburg, KS Plant

Pittsburg, KS 66762
Phone: (800) 835-0306
Fax: (620) 231-5573

Fort Worth, TX Plant

Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: (817) 625-6680
Fax: (817) 625-6116